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Aparmita Buddha Golden Statue is ideal for placing in your altar as the deity decor.

Aparmita Buddha Golden statue is partially gold plated statue with face carefully hand painted with 24k gold. Core body is cast with Copper for casting process. These carving are done by very skilled Newari artisans in Nepal.

Technical Description

  • Size is 33 cm height.
  • Aparmita golden buddha statue is partially gold plated figurine seated in Vajra posture, his hand lies on his lap in Dhyani Mudra holding the ambrosia vase, his special emblem.
  • The statue is seated on single base lotus throne.
  • Core body is made of Copper using traditional methods for casting process and face is hand painted using 24 carat gold.
  • Carvings on the body and face are all done by hand by Newar Artisans of Nepal.
  • Category:Christmas Gifts,Unique Meditation Gifts, Spiritual Showpiece.
  • This statue can be blessed by a Buddhist monk upon your request.

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  1. Aparmita Buddha richly wears the thirteen ornaments. His hair is painted blue and falls on either side to his elbows or may be curiously coiled.
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