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Golden Buddha Statue for Zen Meditation Altar and  Home Decor

Technical Description Golden Buddha Statue

  • Fully Gold Plated body with highest quality.
  • face gold hand-painted with 24k gold
  • The statue is handmade in Nepal
  • Size 22 x 14 x 8 cm
  • Made of Copper, 24 carat gold
  • Category: Yoga, Meditation, Home Decor, Spirituality, Buddhism

Symbolic Meaning of Manjushri Buddha

Manjushri symbolizes“God of Divine Wisdom” whose worship confers mastery of the Dharma, retentive memory, mental perfection and eloquence. Manjushree is also one of the forms of Bodhisattvas and he symbolizes wisdom.

This particular Manjushri Golden Buddha Statue fits perfectly in the category of Home and Decor. You can simple decorate your living room or even your personal room for decoration. And for spiritual purpose you can place it on your altar and meditate in front of it.


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