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Singing Bowl is also known as Healing bowl

Healing bowl aka Singing bowl is used popularly worldwide now for meditation, relaxation, sound therapy and home decoration. Singing bowls were historically made throughout Asia, especially in Nepal. They are closely related to other ritual items like holy bells and Tibetan gongs.

This particular healing bowl is made from 7 metal and it comes with a stick and a cushion. Other details are as follows:

Diameter : 19 cm
Height : 9 cm
Weight : 1050 gm
Note : "A"

We do wholesale also. Please feel free to contact us for further detail.

If you want to know more about Tibetan Bowls feel free to check our guide on how to identify genuine singing bowls.

We also have other Tibetan ritual items related to singing bowls. Please check here for more.

2 reviews for Healing Bowl- Plain Seven Metal Tibetan Bowl- Made in Nepal

  1. Meghan O’Connor

    Review left on Etsy by Meghan O’Connor, IN 46123 USA on Dec 30, 2017

  2. Donna Garner

    I purchased several items from this establishment. I am very pleased with each and every item and with the speed of the deliveries.

    Donna Garner
    United States

    Review left by Donna Garner on Dec 16, 2015 on Etsy

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