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This specific beautiful Tibetan Manjushri Art Painting Thangka fine Artwork is best for home warming gift ideas, religious present to your relatives and buddies. It can be decorated as wall art within your living room area or set on the altar for inspiration. Additionally it is excellent for giving spiritual the right gifts at the functions just like Moms day and fathers day. Seniors need to have spiritual awakenings and this may be perfect fit for their sentimental and religious healing.

This specific Tibetan Thangka is particularly handpainted by Lama artists in Nepal. This valuable thangka could be brocaded as well. We've got different kinds of silk brocade too. Simply speaking you'll find three styles of brocades. 1. Simple silk brocade. 2. Chandan Brocade 3. Khadi Brocade. Please feel free to write to us if you want to discover more about brocades.

Technical Description of Manjushri Art Painting Thangka is as follows.

  • - Handpainted Tibetan Art
  • -Dimensions: 50/50 centimeters
  • -Material: 100 % cotton Fabric, Poster color, pure 24 karat gold
  • -Skill and Location of creation: Hand-made in Nepal
  • -Classification: Tibetan thangka paintings, Spirituality, Wall hanging Fine art, Home Decor

Thanka piece of art is associated with virtually all sort of religious piece of art also referred to as "Pauba" in Newari society. Thangkas could be sort of ancient Buddhist Paintings associated with Buddhist teachings . The term Thangka means handpainted art which can bescholled up or down so that it might be easily carried from one place to another without problems . Pauba is conceived as traditional eastern art originated in 7th and 12th century that is looked up vere well in Newari and tibetan Tradition.

Basically thanka is a visual aid to assist you in your meditation to gain higher consciousness of insights. Thanka holds incredible power and blessings that gives positive energy in you and environment around you.

When Lord Buddha escaped from the palace and sacrificed materialistic world looking for evergreen internal peace of spiritual world he discovered meditating process as being an answer to his quest that pushed him from within for a long time.

So meditation is a tool well founded which dates back to 2500 years back when Buddha first discovered it and was later named as Vipassana meditation.So are you in the course of searching inner peace yourself? If so, give a pat at the back of your own because diagnosis is the first step towards finding solution. And if you have found this term ? meditating? then give yourself twice thumbs up. You are on the right path. There are several advantages of relaxation..

Considering Buying at wholesale prices?

We can help you to obtaining products in bulk. More quantity you purchase more discount rates you receive. Quite simply you will get superior price with bigger amount you purchase. For this purpose we set prices based on Minimum Order Quantity. For doing business in wholesale MOQ is must otherwise it isn't regarded as wholesale dealing. For example: MOQ might be a minimum of 10 no of singing bowl you have to pay for per purchase . Or it may be 5 various pcs of thangka you need to buy per design. or 20 pieces of certain ring you should buy in order to get wholesale price or bargains.Depending on product lines you opt for we set MOQ per order so that the price will be as best as possible. For wholesale inquiries send enquiry


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