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Manjushri Buddha Statue-Perfect for your Home and Garden

Technical Description of Manjushri Buddha Statue

  • This Statue is Oxidized to give two color Antique finishing.
  • The statue is handmade in Nepal
  • Size 8 Inches X 6 Inches
  • Made of Copper
  • Category: Yoga, Meditation, Home Decor, Spirituality, Buddhism


Symbolic Meaning of Manjushri Buddha

Manjushri symbolizes“God of Divine Wisdom” whose worship confers mastery of the Dharma, retentive memory, mental perfection and eloquence. Manjushree is also one of the forms of Bodhisattvas and he symbolizes wisdom.

Click Here for Detail  Majushri? What does it mean?

This particular Manjushri Buddha Statue fits perfectly in the category of Home and Decor. You can simple decorate your living room or even your personal room for decoration and spiritual purpose. This one is even perfect for outdoor places like your balcony or garden.

If you are spiritually inclined and need to meditate in front of a buddha statue for personal development. You can place this statue in your altar or spiritual room.

Making of  a Buddha statue is a lengthy process which requires great skill and time. Sculpting of a large piece can take up to 6 or even more months and several artisans to work on it for accomplishment. In ancient times, the methods of making statues were kept secret among few families in Patan and Kathmandu. The skill was passed down to generation and was guarded from those outside the family circle. If you want to know more about check here making of a buddha statue.

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1 review for Manjushri Buddha Statue -Antiquated - Perfect for Home Decor - Spirituality

  1. Antarjyoti grace

    This wonderful statue is really a joy for the heart! it is exquisitely made but unlike many beautiful statues but unfortunately quite neutral in their expression, to the outer beauty of the form there is here also the inner beauty of the expression: it is expressing the joyful and gentle glory which the meaning of the name: Manjushri.. it is the work of inspired artist designers and beautifully crafted. The provider has taken as I know the utmost care to ship it the safest way and in my best interest! in summary a first class statue with a first class service: I am more than satisfied,I am grateful, many thanks!

    Antarjyoti grace
    Auroville, India

    Review left on Etsy by Antarjyoti grace on Jul 15, 2015

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