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Manjushri Golden Statue is Perfect for Home Decoration, Meditation altar and Monasteries

Manjushri Golden Statue fully gold plated body with face carefully hand painted with 24k gold. This is the highest quality statue finely hand-carved by Newar artisans in Nepal in Tibetan Newar Tradition. Ideal for placing on meditation altar, home decor and monasteries

Technical Description

  • Size is 45 cm x 32 cm x 20 cm tall.
  • The statue is Fully gold plated body and face painted with 24 k gold.
  • Face is carefully hand painted with 24k gold.
  • Semi precious stones like turquoise, lapis, coral and ruby is used for decoration
  • Core body is made of Copper using traditional 'lost wax method' for casting.
  • Carvings on the body and face are all done by hand by Newar Artisans of Nepal.
  • Category: Yoga, Meditation, Home Decor, Spirituality, Buddhism
  • If you need the statue can be blessed by a Buddhist monk here in local Tibetan Monastery here in Nepal. Please contact us for more details.

Symbolic Meaning of Manjushri Golden Statue

Manjushri symbolizes“God of Divine Wisdom” whose worship confers mastery of the Dharma, retentive memory, mental perfection and eloquence. Manjushri  is also one of the forms of Bodhisattvas and he symbolizes wisdom.

Making of a Buddha statue is a lengthy process which requires great skill and time. Sculpting of a large piece can take up to 6 or even more months and several artisans to work on it for accomplishment. You’ll find different kinds of Buddha Statues made from various materials like  Copper, Bronze, Brass, silver, wooden, resin, very statues etc. They can also come in full or partial gold plating. Or if you like antique style then real antique or antique reproduction statues are also available. Want to know more on how Buddha statues are made? If you want to know more about check here on making of a Buddha statue.Sculpting Buddha Statue-How are they made? Making of Buddha statue by Lost Wax Method.

If you need some more guidance Do check here on buying right Buddha statues.And of course You can always check for all the other Tibetan and Zen Buddhist Supplies

Buddha Statue for Inspiration to meditate and grow spiritually: Buddhists do not worship Buddha statue as a god but rather take it as inspiration to practice mediation and apply teachings of Buddhism. Learn more on why do Buddhists honor Buddha statue click here.

We can help you to get items in bulk. For wholesale dealing MOQ is must otherwise it is not considered wholesale. Depending on products we set Minimum Order Quantity per order so that the price can be as best as possible. If you are interested in wholesale or bulk purchase contact us here.

1 review for Manjushri Golden Statue fully gold plated good for Home Decor - Meditation Altar

  1. AvresAnnms

    The statue arrived super fast and very well packed. The vibe in my apartment changed immediately into something deeply calming and soothing. As if all the tensions and anxieties have melted. Can’t believe just how majestic he looks. I was already deeply moved by the photo, but when I see the statue with my own eyes…It feels as if Manjushri is right there, with infinite compassion in his infinite wisdom. May all sentient beings be benefitted and realize their true nature.???

    Review left on Etsy by AvresAnnms Jan 16, 2020

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