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Namgyalma Buddha Statue- Gold plated in Tibetan Tradition

This is unique and rare Namgyalma buddha statue worshiped in Tibetan Tradition as well as Newari Tradition. Partially gold plated and gold painted face.

  • Size 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide
  • The statue is partially gold plated  handmade in Nepal
  • Face is painted with 24k gold.
  • Core body is made of Copper using traditional 'lost wax method' for casting.
  • Carvings on the body and face are all done by hand
  • Category: Tibetan Culture, Tantic rituals, Spirituality, Buddhism

Symbolic Meaning of Namgyalma Buddha Statue:

According to wikipedia, Namgyälma is a female yidam and long-life deity of the Kriya Tantra class in Tibetan Buddhism. She is typically depicted as being white in colour, seated, and has eight arms, holding various symbolic implements in each of her hands.

A Buddha statue can be made from different material for instance- copper, brass, ceramics, jade stone, wood, and lots more. The material composition of Buddha statue may differ in different places and sectors.You’ll find different kinds of other Buddha figurines in our dharma store. They can also come in antique style.

Buddha statues with various positions are made particularly to educate certain concept of the Buddhist philosophy. There are various types of them like Standing Buddha, meditating Buddha, teaching Buddha etc. Different positions from the statues hold different meanings and teachings. You need to understand these postures before buying a buddha statue. If you need some more guidance do check our guide on Buying a right Buddha statue

Making a Buddha statue is a lengthy process which requires great skill and time. Sculpting of a large piece can take up to 6 or even more months and several artisans to work on it for accomplishment. In ancient times, the methods of making statues were kept secret among few families in Patan, Nepal.

Check here if you like to know more about technical process of making of a buddha statue

1 review for Namgyalma Buddha Statue Partially gold plated Buddhist Deity.

  1. Donna Garner

    I purchased several items from this establishment. I am very pleased with each and every item and with the speed of the deliveries.

    Donna Garner
    United States

    Review left by Donna Garner on Dec 16, 2015 on Etsy

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