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Namgyalma Golden Buddha Statue is ideal for giving as a gift to your family or to decorate your room.

Namgyalma Golden Buddha Statue is partially gold plated in body and faces are carefully hand painted with 24k gold. Core body is made with Copper for casting process. These carving are done to precision by skilled Newari artisans in Nepal.

Technical Description

  • Size is 23 cm height.
  • Statue is partially gold plated figurine seated in full vajra position with her eight arms each holding various symbolic implements.
  • Core body is made of Copper for casting process using traditional 'lost wax method'  and faces are hand painted using 24 carat gold.
  • Carvings on the body and face are all done by hand by Master Newar Artisans of Nepal.
  • Category:New year Eves Gifts, Meditation Gifts, Unsual Home Buddha Decor.
  • This statue can be blessed by a Buddhist monk upon your request.

Check these Buyer's Guides below:

  1. Namgyälma is a female boddhisatva and long-life deity of the Kriya Tantra class in Tibetan Buddhism. She is typically shown in white colour, seated with each of her eight arms, holding various symbolic implements.
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