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Om Tibetan Bowl is used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. Singing bowls were historically made in Asia, especially in Nepal.

Technical Descriptions Of Om Tibetan bowl.

  • This is a seven metal hand carved and hand hammered fine singing bowl from Nepal.
  • Seven Metals used are Gold, Silver, Iron, Mercury, Lead, Copper, Tin.
  • Special itching and carving works have been done
  • Big Tibetan Om is carved at the center, Other Tibetan designs are carved through out the bowl.
  • Sacred Buddha eye is carved at the bottom of the bowl.
  • The Chakra Note of this bowl is "C".
  • Exact Weight is 850 Grams - After packing Shipping Weight 2 kg
  • Dimension is 18 cm Diameter - 10 cm Height.
  • You will get a stick and a cushion with this bowl.

We do wholesale also. Please contact us for more detail.  Buy with confidence. Let us know if you have any questions.

1 review for Om Tibetan Bowl - Seven Metal Magical Bowl- Made in Nepal

  1. Matthew Strouhal

    Incredibly gorgeous and well crafted. More importantly, it produces incredible sound vibrations that allow for a wonderful meditative experience.

    Feedback as Left on Etsy Store by

    Matthew Strouhal on Dec 19, 2017

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