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Standing Tara Statue-Fully Gold Plated Gold Painted Face- Perfect for Home Garden and Monasteries

This is one of a kind Standing Tara designed to place in living room or meditation altar of home, monasteries, dharma centers and even in places like garden,Yoga Centers and Hotels for decoration.

  • Size 17 inches tall
  • Fully gold plated body.
  • Face is carefully hand painted with 24k gold.
  • Tara is in standing position
  • Precious stones like turquoise, lapis, coral and ruby is used for decoration
  • The statue is handmade in Nepal
  • Core body is made of Copper using traditional 'lost wax method' for casting.
  • Carvings on the body and face are all done by hand
  • Category: Yoga, Meditation Altar, Home Decor, Spirituality, Buddhism

Symbolic Meaning:

Standing Tara is very famous among the Buddhist followers of Tibetan and Newari Buddhism. They chant the mantras of different forms of Taras. All together there are family of 21 taras. Click Here for Detail  Meaning of Tara

You’ll find different kinds of Buddha Statues made from various materials like  Copper, Bronze, Brass, silver, wooden, resin, very statues etc. They can also come in full or partial gold plating. Or if you like antique style then real antique or antique reproduction statues are also available.

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Sculpting Buddha statue is a lengthy process which requires great skill and time. Sculpting of a large piece can take up to 6 or even more months and several artisans to work on it for accomplishment. In ancient times, the methods of making statues were kept secret among few families in Patan, Nepal.

Check here if you like to know more about technical process of making of a buddha statue

1 review for Standing Tara Full Gold Statue for Meditation Altar and Home Decor

  1. Mary Laing

    Shipped on time, lovely item
    Mary Laing
    Carluke, United Kingdom

    Review left on Etsy by marylaing4 on May 10, 2016

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