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Stonepaste Pots

Stonepaste Pots are unique pots made up by the skilled master newar artisans from Nepal following traditional method of crafting. The body of the pot has been made using the various semi precious stones like torqouise, lapis, etc. This pot has been made by using the authentic traditional method of crafting passed down throughout the generation making it completely authentic, unique and attractive to the eyes.

Technical Information:

  • Ritual Item: Stonepaste pot
  • Size: 21 cm
  • Material: Torqouise, coral, lapis and other semi precious stones.
  • Skill: Handmade Origin: Nepal
  • Category: Tibetan Gifts, New Year gifts, Unique Gift For Your Loved Ones.

This item can be can be given to your friends as buddhist gifts or as one of the unique buddhist showpiece collection in your living room or the meditation altar.

These Stonepaste pots are regarded as one of the unique collection items among the ritual items from Buddhism practices. In the Tibetan culture these Stonepaste pots are generally used for storing water and other food items. But some of these are designed to be used as decorative pieces very stunning to the eyes.This pot is also used to serve the liquor to the deites and the priest in the monastries.

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