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Tibetan Bowl Love Knot a seven metal fine singing bowl from Nepal.This is a perfect spiritual gift on the occasions of Christmas and New year's gifts. This is a also suitable for house warming, sound healing, sound therapy and thanks giving gifts.

Tibetan Bowl is used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. This typical singing bowl has love knot also called endless knot carved in the middle from inside. It has Tibetan om mani mantra carved from outside. On the outside bottom of the bowl is carved double dorje also called Viswo Vajra.

Technical Descriptions Of Tibetan Bowl Love Knot

  • This is a seven metal hand carved and hand hammered fine singing bowl from Nepal.
  • Seven Metals used are Gold, Silver, Iron, Mercury, Lead, Copper, Tin.
  • Special itching and carving works have been done
  • Tibetan Om mani mantra and other designs are carved through out the bowl.
  • Sacred love knot is carved at the centre of the bowl from inside.
  • The Chakra Note of this bowl is "E".
  • Dimension is Diameter 18 cm : Height 9 cm
  • Weight of this bowl is 827 gm
  • You will get a stick and a cushion with this bowl.

Tibetan bowls are ritual object used in the Himalayan region very popular since ancient times. Singing bowls are renowned for their healing and relaxing sound quality. They are audio phonic instruments that broadly fit into the family of bells and gongs. Every singing bowl is unique, and their sound quality depends upon a variety of factors including the combinations of metal, thickness of the bowl and the shape and size of the bowl. To learn more about Tibetan bowls check here.

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