Tibetan carpet flower rug floor decor Buddhist Gifts


Tibetan carpet flower rug for spiritual gifts

Size: 90 x 190cm (3 x 6 ft)
Design: Tibetan flower rug
Primary Color: Brown
Quality: 100 knots
Material: 100% Tibetan Organic Wool

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Tibetan carpet flower rug floor decor

Tibetan Carpet flower rug handwoven in Nepal for home decor or floor decor perfect for house warming, christmas gifts and Buddhist Gifts. These Tibetan rugs are made of 100% organic wool. And the quality is the highest quality with 100 knots per inch. And the quality is the highest quality with 100 knots/inch. It takes at least 2 months to make since they are hand-knotted by artisans

Specification Tibetan flower rug:

Size: 90 x 190cm (3 x 6 ft)
Design: Tibetan carpet flower Rug
Quality: 100 knots
Color: Brown
Material: 100% Tibetan Organic Wool

According to wikipedia: Tibetan rug making is an ancient, traditional craft. Tibetan rugs are traditionally made from Tibetan highland sheep's wool, called changpel. Tibetans use rugs for many purposes ranging from flooring to wall hanging to horse saddles, though the most common use is as a seating carpet. A typical sleeping carpet measuring around 3 ft × 5 ft (0.91 m × 1.52 m) is called a khaden.

The knotting method used in Tibetan rug making is different from that used in other rug making traditions worldwide. Some aspects of the rug making have been supplanted by cheaper machines in recent times, especially yarn spinning and trimming of the pile after weaving. However, some carpets are still made by hand. The Tibetan diaspora in India and Nepal have established a thriving business in rug making. In Nepal the rug business is one of the largest industries in the country and there are many rug exporters. Tibet also has weaving workshops, but the export side of the industry is relatively undeveloped compared with Nepal and India.

Some of the other popular rug is Tibetan Dragon rug. You can also explore Tibetan art in other forms like Tibetan thangka

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