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This particular stunning Tibetan home decor Om Mandala Thangka exclusive piece of art is ideal for home warming presents, religious present to your family and friends. It may be mounted as wall art inside your family room or put on the altar for spiritual purpose. It's also ideal for giving spiritual presents for the events such as Moms day as well as dads day. Seniors require religious awakenings and this may possibly be perfect match for their mental as well as religious recovery.

This kind of Tibetan Thangka is solely hand painted by Newar artists within Nepal. The thangka could be brocaded as well. We've different types of silk brocade too. Simply speaking there are actually three kinds of brocades. 1. Simple silk brocade. 2. Chandan Brocade 3. Khadi Brocade. Don't hesitate to email us if you wish to find out more about brocades.

Precise Explanation of Mandala Thangka for Tibetan Home Decor is as follows.

-Handpainted Artwork

-Sizes: 50/50 centimetres

-Components: Natural cotton Fabric, Poster colour, 24k Gold

-Skill and Source: Hand crafted in Nepal

-Class: Tibetan thangka art, Spirituality, Wall hanging Artwork, HomeDecor

Tibetan Thangka or Newari Pauba piece of art is actually connected with virtually all kind of spiritual piece of art also known as "Pauba" inside Newari society. Thangkas could be type of historic Buddhist Paintings associated with Buddha's teachings . The phrase Thanka explains itself as painting that can bescholled up or down so that it can be easily moved around without problems . Tibetan Thangka is conceived as traditional eastern art originated in 7th century that is respected very much in Newari and Tibetan Tradition.

The Thangka is a lot more than the usual component of art. It is two-dimensional representation of spiritual world. It is an object of devotion, an aid to spiritual practice and also a source of blessings to those who meditate upon it.

When Lord Buddha left palace and gave away materialistic world in search of long lasting inside peace of spiritual community he found meditating process for an answer to his question that pressed him from inside for a long long time.

If this is the initial time trying to meditate then do not worry, relax and feel cozy. You can find all of the inspiration you require to beign. As the saying goes first inspiration then aspiration. You should encourage oneself initially. You could make your surroundings that way that it motivates you.E.G It might be your room or pooja room where by you want to meditate. Circle your self with faith based things such as a picture of a religious icon you worship or some uplifting Buddha quote. Even it is possible to set such things as TibetanThanka, magical bowl, Buddha sculptures in the corner of your room. If you like, you can burn incense and even play a soft music. This will likely establish the environment and build your mood to concentrate and relax which helps in meditation.

Considering Purchasing at wholesale prices?

We will assist you in acquiring products in bulk. More volume you purchase more savings you receive. Quite simply you'll get much better price with greater amount you buy. For this purpose we set prices based on MOQ. For wholesale business MOQ is must otherwise it's not regarded as wholesale dealing. For example: MOQ could be like you have got to purchase not less than 10 kg of singing bowls. And value could be based upon weight for instance $77 per kg . Or it could be Five pcs of thangka you need to buy per design and style. or Twenty number of certain ring you must purchase to get wholesale price or discount rates.Based on product lines you select we determing Minimum Order Quantity per purchase so the price will be as best as possible. For wholesale quests send us your inquiry


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