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Tibetan Kapala Bowl

Tibetan Kapala Bowl is made by skilled newar master artisans from Nepal. The Body of the kapala has been made using the copper by the artisans as the base and then the body has been plated with pure 24 carat gold. This Kapala bowl has been made by using the traditional method of crafting passed down throughout the generation making it completely authentic.

Technical Information:

  • Ritual Item: Kapala Bowl
  • Material: Copper, 24 carat gold
  • Skill: Handmade Origin: Nepal
  • Comes in a pair of one
  • Category: Tibetan Gifts,Christmas gifts, New Year Gift For Your Loved Ones.

Kapala generally refers to skull or forehead usually of human in the Sanskrit language. Found to be used by many of the wrathful deities, Kapala bowl is one of the important implements in the Vajrayana Buddhism.The kapala is believed to be the source of wisdom which leads to enlightenment. The kapala is also used to represent the transmission of knowledge from tantric teacher to the student in the vajrayana empowerment.

This product can be can be gifted to your friends as buddhist gifts or as one of the unique buddhist item collection in your living room or the meditation altar.

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