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Tibetan Om Thangka Painting

This  Tibetan Om Thangka Painting is beautiful and affordable.It is best suited to place in your altar, living room to turn your home a spiritual place. It creates a peaceful environment and inspire you to be more compassionate kind and even encourage you to do meditate or do your prayers with even more dedication and grace.

Technical Description of Tibetan Om mani padme hum mantra pendant as follows.

  • Handmade item
  • Dimensions: 50/50 cm
  • Materials: Cotton Canvas, Poster color, Mixed Gold
  • Skill and Origin: Handmade in Nepal
  • Category: Tibetan thangka paintings, Spirituality

Thanka piece of art is associated with all kind of spiritual piece of art is known as "Pauba" in Newari society. Thangkas could be kind of age-old Buddhist Paintings of Buddha's teachings . The phrase Thanka or Newari Pauba means the painting which can be scrolled up or down so that it can be easily carried from one place to another without difficulties . Tibetan Thangka is well believed to be unique Tibetan Art originated in 7th century that is looked up vere well in Newari and Tibetan Culture.

A Thangka is much more than a part of art. It is two-dimensional representation of spiritual world. It is an object of devotion, an aid to spiritual practice and also a source of blessings to those who meditate upon it.Check here to learn more about Tibetan thangka paintings

When Buddha left palace and sacrificed materialistic happiness trying to find everlasting internal peace of religious community he found meditating process as an solution to his query that pressed him from within for a long long time.

There are actually basically a large number of strategies to meditate and primarily you could be overloaded. If not always simple things are made complicated unnecessarily, often. All you have to do is for the couple of minutes of your life do not think about other things and release and relax. Set aside 10-20 minutes in your life every morning and shut your eyes. Make an effort not to think about your jobs, responsibilities and duties for a time and simply concentrate inside of on your own breathing.

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