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Tiger Eye Prayer Mala is a typical Tibetan Style prayer mala handmade by local artisans in Nepal. It is made out of tiger eye stone beads. It is made up using the high quality beads and polished making it easy to use during the meditation.

Description of Prayer Mala is as follows.

  • Material: Tiger Eye beads.
  • No of beads:108 beads
  • Size: Free Style can be adjusted.
  • Skill and Origin: Handmade in Nepal
  • Category: Unique Tibetan Styles and gifts, Buddhist Gift Shops Around Me, Buddhist Meditation Gifts.

The prayer beads or malas are used for keeping track of count while reciting, or mentally chanting a mantra. A 108 beads mala are usually used for doing yoga or meditation .The number 108 is considered very scared in buddhist, hinduism and Yoga traditions.For each bead in the mala, a mantra is recited.

Tiger Eye stone jap Mala is simple yet one of the important accessory to keep in your meditation collections. These prayer malas can also be used as a easy to wear and adjustable fashionable prayer mala bringing you unique style and energy. This Mala is perfect to be given as stylish fashion gift or meditational gift for your buddhist friends and family.

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