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Turquoise Coral Tibetan Om Pendant is a Tibetan Lucky charm handmade in Nepal by skilled master artisans. It is made out of 925 sterling silver and semi precious stone - coral, lapis. It is believed that this charm brings love, peace and good luck in your life.

Turquoise Coral Tibetan Om Pendant

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver
  • Semi precious stone: Coral, Torquoise
  • Size: 2 cm in diameter
  • Skill and Origin: Handmade in Nepal
  • Category: Tibetan Jewelry, Christmas Gifts Ideas, Lucky Charm Gifts

This is a beautiful pendant, handmade by Newar artists using the traditional methods.It is carved with Om in middle of pendant regarded as one of the most powerful iconography in the world.

In Different religion, the word Om can be found even though found in different practices and traditions its basic meaning remains same.OM basically means the soul and the universal truth .Om is regarded as the basic sound of the whole universe; reciting it physcially and symbolically tunes us into that sound and highlights our connection to everything in the whole world and thus the Universe.

Go ahead and grab this opportunity now and purchase with confidence.

If you have any questions please feel free to write to us.

(For wholesale, please contact us. Price is negotiable according to the size of order. )

P.S. We ship this pendant via Express Mail Service, Nepal Government Postal Service which will take around 4 to 7 days depending on the destination.

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