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This beautiful White Tara mandala decor thangka hand painting is perfect for house warming gifts, spiritual gift to your friends and family. It can be decorated as wall hanging in your living room or placed on your altar for spiritual prayers. It is also perfect for giving spiritual gifts on the occasions like Mothers day and fathers day. Elderly people need spiritual awakenings and this can be just right fit for their emotional and spiritual healing.

This Tibetan Thangka is exclusively handpainted by Lama artisans here in Nepal. This thangka can be brocaded also. We have varieties of silk brocade too. In short there are three types of brocades. 1. Simple silk brocade. 2. Chandan Brocade 3. Khadi Brocade. Please feel free to write to us if you want to learn more about brocades.

Technical Description of  white Tara mandala decor Thangka is as follows.

-Hand-painted on Canvas

-Dimensions: 68/52 cm

-Materials: Cotton Canvas, Poster color, Gold

-Skill and Origin: Handmade in Nepal

-Category: Tibetan thangka paintings, Spirituality, Wall hanging Art, Home Decor

Tibetan Thangka painting is associated with all type of religious painting also is referred to as "Pauba" in Newari Community. Thangkas are form of ancient Buddhist Paintings of Buddhist philosophy . The term Thangka means the painting which can befolded up so that it might be easily transported without difficulties . Tibetan Thangka or Newari Pauba is believed to be unique Himalayan art originated in between seventh and twelfth centuries which is well respected both in Newari and tibetan Culture.

The Thangka is much more than only a component of art. It is two-dimensional representation of spiritual world. It is an object of devotion, an aid to spiritual practice and also a source of blessings to those who meditate upon it.

It is obvious for you to often hear of meditation. It must be the most trending trend in the world right now. Should you research Yahoo and google tendencies for that phrase spiritual relaxation the rating is the top you can get. You will discover a cause of it. People are not happy. They are distressed and continually searching for techniques to get interior assurance. So sooner or later you are bound to reach the wall and find meditation as ultimate answer. .

Should this be your first occasion attempting to meditate then tend not to be worried ,relax and feel cozy. You can find every one of the ideas you will need to jump start . As we say initially inspiration then knowledge. You must motivate your self initially. You could make your surroundings that way that it motivates you.For example It can be your living area or pooja room in which you want to meditate. Encircle yourself with spiritual things similar to a image of the idol you adhere to or some motivating spiritual quotes. Even it is possible to place things like Tibetan Thangka, singing bowl, Buddha sculptures in a corner of your living space. If you like, you can burn incense and even play a soft music. This will likely establish the color and make your frame of mind to concentrate and relax which helps in meditating.

Interested in Buying in wholesale?

We can help you to finding items in bulk. More quantity you buy more discounts you get. In other words you will get better price with larger quantity you purchase. For this purpose we set prices based on Minimum Order Quantity. For wholesale dealing MOQ is must otherwise it is not considered wholesale. For example: MOQ might be like you need to buy at least 10 kg of Tibetan Bowls. And price can be based upon weight for example $77 per kg . Or it can be 5 pcs of thangka you have to purchase per design. or 20 pieces of particular pendant you have to order in order to get wholesale price or discounts.Depending on products you choose we set MOQ per order so that the price can be as best as possible. For wholesale inquiries write to us


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