White Tara Tibetan Thangka Painting - for Buddhist Altar Wall Hanging


White Tara Thangka Buddhist Painting

  • Hand-painted on cotton canvas
  • Dimensions: 54/40 cm
  • Materials: Cotton Canvas, Poster color, Mixed Gold
  • Category: Tibetan thangka paintings, Spirituality



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White Tara Tibetan Thangka Painting

Awesome White Tara Tibetan Thangka Painting is perfect Buddhist Gift. It can also be considered as Buddha Wall decor that can be used to decorate your walls in living room and meditation altar of your home. White tara means a deity with seven eyes also called sapta lochana tara in Newari. Another version is Swet Tara. Swet in Pali and Sanskrit means white color.

This Buddhist painting is painted by Lama artisan in Nepal. It takes considerable amount of time , effort and dedication to complete a thangka. It can take upto 3 months to finish a thangka painting based on art and details of the story. It is considered visual story telling of the teaching of the Buddha. If you want to know  more about typical thangka paintings from Nepal Check here thangka art and painting.

Description of White Tara Tibetan Thangka is as follows.

  • Carefully painted by hand by Newar artisan on Cotton Canvas
  • Dimensions: 54/40 cm
  • Materials Used: 24 k gold, stone, water and poster color
  • Origin: Handmade in Nepal
  • Category: Spiritual gift, Buddhist gift, Buddha wall decor

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