Differences between Antique Singing Bowls and New Singing bowls:

Antique Singing Bowls differ significantly from New Singing bowls: Antique Singing Bowl 1. Antique singing bowls are made of seven sacred metals Antique singing bowls are made of seven metals that are alloys of bronze (copper, silver, gold, tin, mercury, lead and iron) which represent the seven celestial planets and the zodiac signs. Newer ones…

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Aparmita Buddha Statue -Antique Look- Handmade in Nepal- Buy Buddha figurine

Aparmita Buddha Statue Antique

Aparmita Buddha Statue – Antique look and Oxidized to give two color Antique finishing. The statue is handmade and hand-carved in Nepal. Technical Description: This Aparmita buddha statue is made of copper and designed to give antique finishing to give vintage look. Material; Copper Size: 8 inches height X 6 inches width Skill: Handmade by…

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How to Identify Antique Statues? Antiques and Collectibles

Want to know more about Antique Statues? Antique Statues – Shakyamuni Buddha There are certain group of people who are interested in collecting antique statues and collectibles. Antique collection is a passionate and profitable hobby. Antiques represent the true art and history of a place. We have heard of vanished civilizations. However, their identity is…

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