Tsongkapa – The manifestation of Manjushree

Tsongkapa Buddha Statue Set whole

Symbolic Defination of Tsongkapa Tsongkhapa commonly also known as Je Rinpoche was said to be from the tonsgkha part of Amdo,Tibet in around 13thcentury. Tsongkapa is also believed to be the living form of Manjushree and Guru Rinpoche, It’s said that he is reincarnation of the boy who offered Shakyamuni Buddha the crystal rosary. Also,…

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Manjushri Buddhist Deity – the God of Wisdom

Manjushri in Sanskrit is defined as “gentle glory”. Thus also known as Manjushrikumarabuhta, which literally means the “prince Manjushree” is a one of the four great bodhisattva of Tibetan/Newari Buddhism. Manjushri posture and gestures Manjushree is regarded as male Bodhisattva holding a flaming sword in his right hand, representing the wisdom which can cut down…

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