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Welcome to Shakya Handicraft- Dharma Store.

We are a group of manufacturers of Buddhist gifts and meditation gifts for Buddha decor specializing in Buddha Statues, Singing Bowls, Tibetan Thangka Paintings, Buddhist Rituals items, 925 Silver Jewelry, Tibetan Rugs and many other Buddhist supplies. We as the Buddhist store bring you our products directly from our workshop.

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What Makes Us Different and Unique?

Handmade Buddha Decor

Products in our dharma store are 100% handmade. All of our products are made uniquely by hand. Exceptional skills descended from our ancestor to our artisans are exceptional. Top quality handmade items are of world-class standard.

Direct from our workshop

We are not just any other Buddhist store but we are manufacturer of Buddhists gifts, meditation gifts for Buddha decor in your home and altar. So we can provide you Buddhist Supplies with best price possible without the middle dealers cost associated. With wholesale factory prices you can get even better deal with your bulk order.

Personalized Buddhist Gifts

You can even customize and personalize your products to your hearts content. We have no problem in making your product as unique and personal to you as possible.

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Magical Singing Bowls

Interested in Buying Buddhist Supplies in wholesale?

We can help you to get items in bulk. We have many different product lines specially Wholesale Buddha statues, singing bowls, ritual items, silver jewelry and thangka paintings.Of course for wholesale dealing MOQ is must otherwise it is not considered wholesale. Depending on products we set Minimum Order Quantity per order so that the price can be as best as possible. For wholesale inquiries check Wholesale Section.

Check below for more details on our categories

Golden Buddha Statues

We have many different types of Buddha statues. They can be polished to complete in gold plated statues, where the statues can be either partially gold plated or fully gold plated statues. Face is always painted with 24 k gold. Check here for the golden Buddha statues from our dharma store.

Buddha Statues Antique Look

The Buddha statues can also come in antique look or plain copper statues. In case of plain statues they are finely carved and polished to give natural look. In case of antique look finishing they are oxidized in dark or light brown color or combination of two color. Here are the examples of antique look Buddha statues from our dharma shop.

Art & History of Buddha Statues

Amitabha Buddha

The skill required is preserved and passed down from generation to generation till today. It takes effort of many different kinds of artisans to accomplish it. Artisans specializing in making wax models to those who cover it in clay and go through the process of casting. And at the other end efforts and skill of carving artists, gold plating and painting artists have their own role significance. So, we are proud to preserve our Art and Culture and present to you the Buddha Statues we have been making for centuries.

The Art of making Buddha statues originates from Newar society of Nepal specially Lalitpur in the valley of Kathmandu. Since ancient times Newars specially Shakya Families are involved in the art of making the Buddha statues.

Making of Buddha Statues

Fine carving buddha statue

Making of a Buddha statue is a time consuming process that requires great skill and patience. Completing a Statue can take from 3 months to 6 months time. Our Buddha Statues are primarily made of copper. We use the method called “Lost Wax Method” for casting these Buddha Figurines. It is known as Lost Wax method as the original wax model is drained out by heat from the mold and is LOST into the form of metal. In our case copper.

Once the casting is completed then the statue is hand-carved into different Newar and Tibetan designs. After that it is either gold plated or left in copper finishing. Face is very integral part of the statues. It needs to be carefully carved and hand-painted as it needs to portray compassion. Check here to learn more about sculpting Buddha statue.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

History of Singing Bowls

History of Tibetan Bowls goes back to the 8th century A.D. The singing bowls also known as Magic Bowls are considered to be a long lost forgotten art. The sound vibration of the singing bowl arouses cellular memory and permeates the sensation with the healing energy. Some of them also vibrate with certain altered brain states. The sound resonating from the singing bowl is very pure and potent in centering the mind and the body. The legends say that the secrets of sound coming from a singing bowl yield so much power that they must be kept hidden.

Traits of Genuine Tibetan Bowl

According to the analysis of old bowls, it reveals that they were made from a variety of metal alloys consisting silver, gold, nickel, copper, zinc, antimony, tin, lead, cobalt, bismuth, arsenic, cadmium, and iron. One of the highest quality bowls are made of the combination of seven metals as described above. We are proud to introduce you the very same bowls that ancients used to make.Our Singing bowls are genuine high quality bowls made of seven metals. They are hand-hammered and hand-carved by Artisans from Nepal.

Types of Singing Bowls

There are mainly two types of singing bowls. One is Plain seven metal bowls and other is carved bowls. Sizes of these bowls can come in different size. They can vary from 5cm in diameter to 45cm -60 cm and even 90 cm in diameter. Custom sizes can be as bigger as you need or want. There are two methods of playing singing bowls, either by rubbing a mallet around the rim or by striking the side of the bowls with the mallet. Both the methods produce quite distinctive sounds. The sound of a singing bowl starts peacefully and builds up steadily. The prime idea is deep relaxation that provides you to connect with your inner self.
If you want to learn more about singing bowls. Check this article here. Singing Bowls- What are they?

Plain Singing Bowls

There are plain bowls like that are made of seven metals. These are again made by hand just to remind hand hammered. They can come shiny or in antique look where the bowls are treated to make them look old. But these are not really old bowls. They are simply completed with antique finishing. They can either come individually or in a set of seven chakra bowls with their corresponding 7 (seven) chakra notes  C, D, E , F, G, A, B. These chakras can be used to heal your body and mind.

Carved Tibetan Bowls

Carved designs come in many different Tibetan Buddhist symbols. Most common one is Tibetan Om Mani Mantra Symbol carved either in the centre of the bowl from inside or at the back or outside back of the bowl. It can also be carved around the side rims of the bowl from both inside and outside. The other designs flower of life, Shankha, Dorje, Buddha eyes can also come either separately or in conjunction with Tibetan Om Mantra. Here are the examples of the bowls in our dharma store.


We provide Authentic Tibetan Silver Jewelry made in Nepal. Artisans from Nepal are top rated silver craftsmen. They have acquired their skill and talent from their ancestors who have been working as silversmiths since six hundred years ago . Tibetan jewelry are popular around the world. Tibetan Jewelry from Nepal has special relationship to Tibetan monasteries and cultures.In past history there used to be a lot of trade fairs between Nepal and Tibet. Since then Tibetan Art including silver jewelry are exported to the monasteries of Tibet and also other Tibetan devotees. Here in Nepal we call Tibet as Lhasa. And with the popularity of Tibetan Buddhism around the world thanks to Guru Rimpoche like Dalai Lama and others, these silver jewelry exported from Nepal to Tibet also gained popularity as Tibetan silver jewelry
Our artisans dedicated to making Tibetan silver jewelry are Newars from Nepal. They are very talented and hard working artisans who make different kinds of interesting Buddhist charms, earrings, pendants and many more. Do check our dharma store for Tibetan jewelry section.

Important factor to keep in mind is the traditional Tibetan designs and symbols carved on the jewelry. The design should resemble Buddhist symbols and philosophy. Caution has to be taken in buying Tibetan Silver Jewelry. A scientific test done during the year 2007 revealed that the majority of the fraudulent so called Tibetan sterling silver jewelry do not consist of 925 silver but some-kind of other compounds even consisting of unhealthy lead compound which could even cause to skin cancer.These matters are prone to neural disorders, high blood pressure, fertility complications, psychological retardation, muscle and joint problems, hearing difficulties, kidney failures, and so on.
Our silver jewelry is 100% authentic with real 925 silver used to make them. Genuine Tibetan silver jewelry consist of solid 925 silver.This means metallurgical test should indicate 92.5 % silver detail. Generally if the silver content is found to be less than this proportion, it should not be considered as genuine Tibetan 925 silver jewellery. For more details Check our guide here on identiying genuine Tibetan Jewelry.


Buddhist Thangka Paintings for Wall Buddha Decor

Tibetan Thangka is considered timeless art with eternal truth. It represents history of ancient art and Buddhist teaching in the form of visual art. Though thangkas are famous as Tibetan Thangka the origin is ironically not Tibet. Most of Tibetan Thangkas are not created in Tibet. They are painted in Nepal. It is the original source. The artisans of Kathmandu valley deserves credit for preserving and developing this ancient Buddhist art.

Thangka- an ideal example of Buddhist artistry and philosophy. A powerful source of Buddhist Philosophy and meditation tool. A fine piece for adding oriental beauty to your private life. A timeless and precious gift to a person you love. A decorative piece in your home lobby and living room. A symbolic piece for placing in your altar is definitely something you will never regret in acquiring. There are however many different styles of thangkas. To learn more you can check our guide here.

We have a collection of different kinds of thangka paintings. Dedicated Lama and Newar thangka painters or artisans work for us to make these paintings. We also do matching Tibetan silk brocading. These thangka paintings are perfect to decorate your living room or altar as wall decor as part of your home Buddha decor. Please check our Tibetan thangka paintings available for sale in our Dharma Store below.


Tibetan rug making is an ancient, traditional craft. Tibetan rugs carpets are traditionally made from Himalayan highland sheep‘s wool, called changpel. Tibetans use rugs for many purposes ranging from flooring to wall hanging to horse saddles, though the most common use is as a seating carpet. Quality is measured in knots like 80 knots and 100 knots. Greater the number of knots finer and thinner becomes the rug or carpet. Check our collection of Tibetan rugs, meditation mat and carpets.