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Buddhist store for Buddhist Supplies to give a Buddhist gifts and Meditation Altar Accessories. Check us out for more details. One Stop Solution to Dharma products including Buddha Statues, Singing Bowls, Tibetan Thangka Paintings, Buddhist Rituals , 925 Silver Jewelry, Tibetan Rugs and many other Buddhist supplies for Buddha Decor.

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Buddha Statues

Our Buddha Statues are all handmade and finely hand-carved. They can come in plain copper or with antique look. Our golden statues are either partially or fully gold plated with 24 k gold. Face is carefully painted with gold and other forms of colors.

Tibetan Magical Bowl for New year gift

Singing Bowls

Our singing bowls are made of seven metals. They are uniquely hand carved and hand hammered with Tibetan Mantra symbols. They can also be completed with antique finishing. The vibration can be set to match the Chakra Notes for healing.

Thangka Paintings

Tibetan Thangka painting is an ancient Buddhist scroll paintings that can be used in your altar or home decor as wall hanging for both decoration and spiritual practices. Basically it is a visual tool to help in your meditation spiritual practice to attain higher level of enlightenment. Thangka paintings carry incredible power and blessings that can bring positive energy in your life and environment surrounding you.

Tibetan Rug Double Dorje

Tibetan Rugs

Tibetan rug making is an ancient, traditional craft. Tibetan rugs carpets are traditionally made from Himalayan highland sheep‘s wool, called changpel. Tibetans use rugs for many purposes ranging from flooring to wall hanging to horse saddles, though the most common use is as a seating carpet. Check our collection of Tibetan rugs, meditation mat and carpets.”

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Direct from our Workshop

We are manufacturer ourselves. So we can provide you products at best price possible without the middle dealers cost associated. With wholesale factory prices you can get even better deal with your bulk order.

Everything Handmade

Products in our dharma store are 100% handmade. All of our products are made uniquely by hand. Exceptional skills descended from our ancestor to our artisans are exceptional. Top quality handmade items are of world-class standard

Personalized Products

You can even customize and personalize your products to your hearts content. We have no problem in making your product as unique and personal to you as possible.

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Donna Garner December 16, 2018
I purchased several items from this establishment. I am very pleased with each and every item and with the speed of the deliveries.

Donna Garner
United States

I have many Buddhas but none are as precious as this one.

First of all, it is perfectly made according to ancient guidelines so that I have a representative of the very best from an amazing tradition that has produced an object of veneration that is simply exquisite!
Betty Malicoat August 1, 2018
Review left on Etsy by Betty Malicoat on Aug 1, 2018

Conforme à la description. Vraiment tres joli.

Emmanuelle CAILLEU

Translated to English
According to the description. Very pretty.

Review left on Etsy by emmashah1 on Sep 27, 2017
Emmanuelle CAILLEU