Golden Amitabha Buddha Statue- Fully Gold Plated- Home Decor

Golden Amitabha Buddha Statue

Golden Amitabha Buddha Statue for Sale! is handmade in Nepal with traditional casting method called lost Wax Method. Technical Details are as follows: This Amitabha Buddha statue is made of copper and us fully gold plated. Face is painted with 24 karat gold. Backdrop is finely hand painted with watercolor. Size: 7 inches height X…

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Amitabha Buddha- one of the most popular Dhyani Buddhas

Amitabha Buddha Statue for sale

Amitabha Buddha is one of the most popular and well-known Buddha. It is a member of well know Pancha Buddha or Five Dhayani Buddhas. It is also known as Amitayus. Philosophically Amitabha means boundless light and boundless happiness. It is common belief that he resides in the “sukhabatti bhavan” Land of Ultimate Bliss (also called…

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Namgyalma – The Buddhist Goddess of Longevity

Namgyalma Golden Buddha Statue

Symbolic meaning of Namgyalma Namgyalma also knows as the usnisavijaya, in Newari language is a female Buddha of longevity. Namgyalma is known by various other names but the crested tara in Chinese Buddhism is also one of her renowned name. In Tibetan Buddhism her name means the victorious one with three heads. She is one…

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