Powerful Wheel of Life: 6 Realms of Buddhist Philosophy

wheel of life

wheel of life Check these beautiful Wheel of Life Thangka Paintings The wheel of life, also known as the Bhavacakra The wheel of life, is a symbolic representation of the cycle of existence in Buddhism. It depicts the realms of existence that sentient beings can be reborn into, the causes of suffering and ignorance that…

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Asthamangala – Eight Auspicious Buddhist Symbols

Lotus Flower Lapis Pendant

The mystery of eight auspicious Buddhist symbols Asthamangala Buddhist Symbols have always fascinated mankind  since eons. Prehistoric  Indus civilization and cave paintings of Eurasia have revealed symbols such as Asthamangala have been carbon dated back to the ice age. In southern Russia and Ukraine, archeologists have uncovered ancient artifacts with rudimentary engravings of swastikas. Many…

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Find that perfect Meditation gifts for your loved ones

how to find best meditation gifts

Giving meditation gifts to Buddhist Monks How to find the right Meditation gifts ? Educate yourself about meditation gifts in the context of Buddhist rituals objectsWhen it comes to meditation gifts and mindfulness presents Buddhist ritual gifts come into play. Buddhist rituals have been significant part of Buddhism since the time of Buddha. Buddhist rituals…

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Evergreen Tibetan Jewelry designs and trends in 2020

Tibetan Jewelry Ghau Tibetan Jewelry – Types and History of Eastern Silver Jewelry While western society considers silversmiths from Italy to be the main source of inspiration for silver jewelry, in east Asia when it comes to spiritual Tibetan jewelry Newari artisans from Nepal are the prominent figures. They have acquired these skills from their…

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Four Basic Buddhist Philosophy for Spirituality

Buddhist philosophy for spiritual awakening Buddhism, is in fact a philosophy rather than a religion. Buddhist philosophy can be a tool that can be used to learn and have spiritual experiences for spiritual awakening. You don’t have to be Buddhist to apply the teaching of the Buddha. Regardless of whether you are a Buddhist or…

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How to manage anxiety with a practice of mindfulness meditation?

1. Diagnosing the root cause of anxiety. Anxiety is caused by a habit of constant worrying and stressing yourself out. Anxiety has a harmful effect in our health both physically and mentally. Before talking about reducing or dealing with anxiety let’s talk about finding or knowing the root cause of anxiety. You need to diagnose…

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Benefits of Meditation-1000 reasons to meditate.

Golden Amitabha Buddha Statue

1000 Reasons why you should meditate? Here are the benefits of meditation. There is no doubt that you must have heard of meditating. It is the most trending phenomenon in the world right now. If you search Google trends for the word meditation the score is the highest you can get. There is a reason…

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Singing Bowls- What are they? They are Tibetan Magic Bowls from The Himalayas.

Magical Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls- What are they? Singing bowls are Tibetan Magic Bowls from the Himalayan region that have been used for centuries for their healing and relaxing sound quality. Tibetan bowls are ritual objects used in the Himalayan region very popularly since ancient times. Singing bowls are renowned for their healing and relaxing sound vibration. They…

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