Buddha Decor

Buddha Decor is one of the best alternatives to decorate your home.

Buddha decor such as Buddha statues, singing bowls, thangka paintings, prayer wheels, water bowls, incenses and ritual Buddhist offerings are the best spriritual gifts that can be given to your Buddhist friends, Buddhist monks, spiritual teachers and to your loved ones and family members.

Buddha decor  can make your  environment peaceful and spiritual which helps to connect your  soul to spirituality  whenever you come back to your home. This in turn will help you maintain your strength, calm and inner peace.

Buddha decor in your living room and entrance

With these Buddha Decor ideas you can decorate your living room to make it classy and peaceful. For this purpose suitable Buddhist gifts would be peaceful Buddha figurines such as Shakyamuni Buddha, Medicine Buddha, Green Tara or White Tara etc.

Medicine Buddha also know as healing Buddha which can as a spiritual doctor is ideal for keeping in living room. It is believed that keeping medicine Buddha around your living area your health is protected and you will be prevented from being sick.

Whereas Shakyamuni Buddha is ideal for keeping it both in living room and meditation altar as it is a peaceful deity. Shakyamuni Buddha reminds you of the teachings of the Buddha and it inspires and helps you to meditate.

It even starts with your main door of your home. You can keep Buddhist protectors deities at the sides of your home entrance. It is believed that Buddhist wrathful deities such White Mahankala, Black Mahankala, Kubera or the five different Jambala  in different colors  white, black, red, green, yellow will keep your home safe. It is  believed that these protectors will protect you and your family members from evil spirit. Similarly  Buddhist door knockers or handles with Buddhist symbols such as Tibetan dragon or lion or eight auspicious symbols are also good idea.

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Showing 1–16 of 56 results