Rainbow Guru Thangka - Buddhist Wall Art for Altar and Shrines


Rainbow Guru Thangka Painting

  • Hand-painted on cotton canvas
  • Dimensions: 80/55 cm
  • Materials: Cotton Canvas, water color, poster color and 24k Gold
  • Category: Tibetan thangka paintings, Spirituality




Rainbow Guru Thangka Painting

Beautifully hand-painted Rainbow Guru Thangka Painting is a perfect decorative wall art for your shrine and home. It is made in a Tibetan Style or tradition. Free shipping! on bulk order. Contact us Now.

Technical Description of  Rainbow Guru Thangka Painting is as follows.

  • Hand-painted on cotton canvas
  • Dimensions: 80/55cm
  • Materials: Cotton Canvas, Poster color, 24k Gold
  • Skill and Origin: Handmade in Nepal
  • Category: Tibetan thangka paintings, Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, Home Decor, Buddhism

Symbolic Meaning of Guru Rinpoche Thangka

Guru Rinpoche is known as Padmasambhava Guru who was a renowned and highly learned tantric saint of Northern India. Guru was renowned for his knowledge of tantras and of their efficacious application. He remained fifty years in Tibet founding Monasteries and teaching the tantras doctrine. He is said to have subdued all the malignant god in the Tibet sparing only those that became converted to Buddhism and that promised to be defenders (Dharmapala)of the doctrine. Padmasambhava in his turn, promise to en-troll them in the Mahayana Path-eon.He claimed to have received from the dakini the books from which he acquired his miraculous power.

At the end of 50 years Padmasambhav disappeared miraculously.Guru is represented seated on a lotus asana with the legs locked,the right hand holding the vajra and the left, lying in his lap,the patra.He holds his special symbol, the khatvana. Padmasambhav is also known to have born from lotus, and known in Tibet as Guru Rinpoche.He came to Tibet in AD 747 at the invitation of the Tibetan King Ti-song de Tsen from India.

It is painted in golden color and parts are 24 k gold. Other colors are stone and water paints. Finished in black background this is a medium size thangka. You can simple decorate your living room or even your personal room for decoration. And for spiritual purpose you can place it on the walls of your altar and meditate in front of it.

This thangka is hand painted by a Lama artist in Nepal. This thangka can be brocaded also. We have varieties of silk brocade too. Please feel free to write to us.

Go ahead and grab this opportunity now and purchase with confidence. Get this awesome piece out along with other handmade Tibetan charms. Free shipping! on bulk order.

If you have any questions please feel free to write to us.

(For wholesale, please contact us. Price is negotiable according to the size of order. )

Tibetan Thangka painting is first and foremost a kind of religious painting which is also known as Pauba painting in Newari. Thangkas are the Tibetan version of ancient Buddhist scroll paintings practices since Buddha’s era in Nepal. Check here to learn more about Tibetan thangka paintings



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