mandala wall art

Check our mandala wall art collection for the original handmade unique products. They range from cotton fabric thangka painting to metal mandala wall art decor.

Mandala wall art can come in many forms of mandala like the kalachakra mandala, asthamangala or eight auspicious symbols mandala, Om mani padme hum mandala, chakra mandala, Chenrezig mandala, Avalokitesvara mandala, Ushnishavijaya mandala, Amitabha mandala. five dhyani Buddha mandala etc. Basically it can come in all forms of Buddhist deities conveying  unique messages or teachings.

Mandala is a design basically set to guide you to the ultimate goal of “Nirvana”, ultimate state of lasting peace. Though it is conflicting to use everlasting in Buddhism because nothing in permanent. It is fair to say that with wisdom you can achieve stable lasting peace of mind. This is because it is all about being in constant awareness and be present in a current moment not giving to the impurities of mind. In the process of realizing that nothing even the current thought and frame of mind is permanent. It is constantly changing. This realization in itself is the path to Nirvana and achieving stable state of peaceful mind.  By saying peaceful mind, we mean to say you achieve stable , calm, matured, sage mind. It is almost ineffable to express in words what the peaceful state of mind means. You have turn your knowledge into wisdom by meditating and practicing dharma.

Mandala has four entrances and many steps up inside towards the top where you reach the state of Nirvana.

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