Maitreya Buddha – The Future Buddha

Maitriya Statue

Symbolic Meaning of Maitreya Buddha Maitreya Buddha is regarded as a future Buddha of this world who is yet to descend from the heavens. Maitreya is derived from “Maitri” which means friends in Sanskrit language.He is said to be 5th Buddha who is going to appear in this current era. It is told that when practicing as…

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Find that perfect Meditation gifts for your loved ones

how to find best meditation gifts

Giving meditation gifts to Buddhist Monks How to find the right Meditation gifts ? Educate yourself about meditation gifts in the context of Buddhist rituals objectsWhen it comes to meditation gifts and mindfulness presents Buddhist ritual gifts come into play. Buddhist rituals have been significant part of Buddhism since the time of Buddha. Buddhist rituals…

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How to manage anxiety with a practice of mindfulness meditation?

1. Diagnosing the root cause of anxiety. Anxiety is caused by a habit of constant worrying and stressing yourself out. Anxiety has a harmful effect in our health both physically and mentally. Before talking about reducing or dealing with anxiety let’s talk about finding or knowing the root cause of anxiety. You need to diagnose…

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