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Powerful Wheel of Life: 6 Realms of Buddhist Philosophy

wheel of life

wheel of life Check these beautiful Wheel of Life Thangka Paintings The wheel of life, also known as the Bhavacakra The wheel of life, is a symbolic representation of the cycle of existence in Buddhism. It depicts the realms of existence that sentient beings can be reborn into, the causes of suffering and ignorance that…

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Asthamangala – Eight Auspicious Buddhist Symbols

Lotus Flower Lapis Pendant

The mystery of eight auspicious Buddhist symbols Asthamangala Buddhist Symbols have always fascinated mankind  since eons. Prehistoric  Indus civilization and cave paintings of Eurasia have revealed symbols such as Asthamangala have been carbon dated back to the ice age. In southern Russia and Ukraine, archeologists have uncovered ancient artifacts with rudimentary engravings of swastikas. Many…

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Phurba and Kartika – Wrathful Deities Buddhist Ritual Items

tibetan phurba Buddhist Gift Shop around me

Buddhist rituals are important part of Tibetan culture and traditions. There are supposed to be many different ritual implements like ritual dagger (phurba) , curved knife (kartika) and many more. The Tibetan people follow these rituals in daily lives. Throughout the year these rituals are performed many times with aims as to ensure good harvest,…

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Tibetan Rugs : Frequently Asked Questions

Tibetan Mandala rug

Tibetan rugs are the special rugs made by following the traditional crafting method of Tibetan art and culture passed down through many generations. These are the frequently asked question regarding the Tibetan rugs. What are Tibetan Rugs?Tibetan rugs are the special rugs made by following the ancient traditional crafts of Tibetan art and culture. When…

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Namgyalma – The Buddhist Goddess of Longevity

Namgyalma Golden Buddha Statue

Symbolic meaning of Namgyalma Namgyalma also knows as the usnisavijaya, in Newari language is a female Buddha of longevity. Namgyalma is known by various other names but the crested tara in Chinese Buddhism is also one of her renowned name. In Tibetan Buddhism her name means the victorious one with three heads. She is one…

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Tsongkapa – The manifestation of Manjushree

Tsongkapa Buddha Statue Set whole

Symbolic Defination of Tsongkapa Tsongkhapa commonly also known as Je Rinpoche was said to be from the tonsgkha part of Amdo,Tibet in around 13thcentury. Tsongkapa is also believed to be the living form of Manjushree and Guru Rinpoche, It’s said that he is reincarnation of the boy who offered Shakyamuni Buddha the crystal rosary. Also,…

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Maitreya Buddha – The Future Buddha

Maitriya Statue

Symbolic Meaning of Maitreya Buddha Maitreya Buddha is regarded as a future Buddha of this world who is yet to descend from the heavens. Maitreya is derived from “Maitri” which means friends in Sanskrit language.He is said to be 5th Buddha who is going to appear in this current era. It is told that when practicing as…

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Jambala : The Buddhist Deity of Spiritual and Material Wealth


Symbolic Meaning of Jambala: Jambala commonly known as Dzambala which generally means the god who brings the spiritual wealth and material security to the family. He is known as the god of wealth and regarded as part of Ratnasambhava family. There is another form of jambala called Kubera who is also seen as Hindu God, is…

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White Tara Meaning: What does white tara mean?

White Tara Golden Buddha Statue

White Tara Symbolic Defination Tara is generally known, as female image of boddisattva Avalokiteshvara. In Tibet Tara is famous as Sgrol-ma, Buddhist goddess who is said to have many forms, popular in southern Asia like Nepal, Mongolia and Tibet. White Tara is regarded as one of the many forms of goddess Tara in Tibetan and…

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