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White Tara Meaning: What does white tara mean?

White Tara Golden Buddha Statue
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White Tara Symbolic Defination

Tara is generally known, as female image of boddisattva Avalokiteshvara. In Tibet Tara is famous as Sgrol-ma, Buddhist goddess who is said to have many forms, popular in southern Asia like Nepal, Mongolia and Tibet. White Tara is regarded as one of the many forms of goddess Tara in Tibetan and Newari Buddhism. Generally white tara meaning to the humans during their period of existence hence perceived as a navigator from earthly life to enlightenment.

According to legend, it is shown that Tara came to life from a tear of Avalokiteshvara from his left eye. The tear that fell to the ground formed a lake. From the waters of lake, there sprouted a lotus, which, when blossomed, emerged the goddess Tara from inside of it. She showed the same compassion in her facial expression just like the Avalokiteshvara. In China White tara is also believed to have been reincarnated as the Chinese princess. White Tara is generally used to represent purity like the white colour itself.

White Tara is generally shown standing in her consort, Avalokiteshvara’s right hand, or seated with her legs crossed in Vajra position while holding a full-blown lotus. She is commonly shown with a third eye on her forehead. Pretty often Tara is shown with eyes on the palm of her hand and even the soles of feet giving the name Saptalochana Tara that defines as “Tara of the seven eyes”. She is said to be consort of Avalokiteshvara and sometimes Vairochana too.

Tara is regarded as a goddess of forest relating to plant life like flowers and trees. White Tara meaning specifically compassion, serenity and healing power. Hence, White Tara is also considered as the wish fulfilling wheel.Moreover White Tara is not only treated as healing goddess but kind caring mother too. Because of this people follow the teaching of White Tara for healing purpose and prosperous healthy life. As also, considered by some as goddess of wind symbolizing she quickly responds to any call for help just like how the winds blow.

Gestures and Postures of White Tara

White Tara is shown seated in Vajra Posture while her right hand is in blessing posture. Her left hand holds fully blossomed lotus in teaching gesture. She is dressed beautifully with many precious ornaments.

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