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Jambala : The Buddhist Deity of Spiritual and Material Wealth

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Symbolic Meaning of Jambala:

Jambala commonly known as Dzambala which generally means the god who brings the spiritual wealth and material security to the family. He is known as the god of wealth and regarded as part of Ratnasambhava family. There is another form of jambala called Kubera who is also seen as Hindu God, is believed to be an abstract of Chenrezig. There are told to be five different Jambhalas; each jambhala has their own practice to help get rid of ones financial difficulties and create better financial conditions. Jambhala is also belived to be hindu god of wealth “Kubera”. One rinpoche said that Jambhala is the one who guards all teaching taught by Buddha and help pass it on to next generation.

In legend it is said that when Gautama Buddha was teaching the sutra, the angry and envious Devadatta threw stones at the Gautama Buddha. However the stones hit the Jambhalas. Buddha came over to the Jambhalas to bless them. From Buddha’s hand there flowed sweet liquid like substance of wisdom and love, which touched Jambhala’s head. Buddha had blessed the Jambhalas and freed them from all of their impurities and obstructions. After that Jambhala bowed down to Buddha and thanked him. It is believed that Buddha gave bloom to the Jambhalas to be able to bestow the people with both spiritual and material wealth to whoever cited their(Jambalas) mantra.

There are supposed to be the five jambhalas each in different colour such as red, green, black, yellow and white. Green jambhala is regarded to be head of the all jambhalas, Yellow is regarded as the most powerful and popular among the wealth gods. Red Jambala is supposes to be the form of vajrasattva. And the black jambhala is often known to be hindu deity kuber whereas white is compassionate manifestation of chenrezig.

Posture and Gestures :

Jambala is commonly shown sitting in the vajra position where his one leg is placed above a snail, and his other leg is twisted. He has one face and two arms. His one hand holds a mongoose “Nehulay” which spits precious gems, while his other hand held gem shaped fruit and leaf of lotus. Jambala is considered a family of wrathful deities who are primarily responsible for protection. That is why they can be seen as protectors in the door fronts of shrines, monasteries and even in front door of personal home. The face is considered angry face showing the scary expression.

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