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Tibetan Jewelry – How to Identify Genuine Tibetan Silver Jewelry?

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Things to be aware of when identifying Authentic Tibetan  Jewelry.

  • Be Aware:

    When identifying authentic Tibetan jewelry you need to be cautious about Counterfeit Tibetan jewelry that are being sold by some devious merchants. A metallurgical assessment done during the year 2007 revealed that the majority of the fraudulent Tibetan silver jewelry never comprise silver. Even worse, these kinds of products contained unhealthy lead compound which usually could provoke cancer.

  • Traditional design and inscription:

    Another factor to consider is the spiritual inscriptions and traditional Tibetan designs on the ornaments. The design should have spiritual motifs. It’s understandable that these types of fake silver jewellery does not provide meaningful symbols and thus does not provide any healing energies. Rather, such meaningless symbols could result in illnesses.

  • Fake Tibetan jewelry

    Fake Tibetan jewelry are almost always tested to have high amounts harmful substances like arsenic  and lead. These matters are prone to neural disorders, high blood pressure, fertility complications, psychological retardation, muscle and joint problems, hearing difficulties, kidney failures, and so on.

  • Origin of Tibetan Jewelry

    Origin of the Tibetan Silver Jewelry. Silver jewellery produced in countries like Thailand, India is often labeled as Tibetan in order to excite fascination among western consumers. Authentic Tibetan Silver Jewelry are mostly mostly from Nepal. Artisans of Nepal are well-known as first-rate silver craftsmen since six hundred years ago . The monasteries in Tibet and even China consists most of the arts crafted by Nepalese artisans.

  • Genuine Tibetan silver jewelry should contain 92.5% silver

    Genuine Tibetan ornaments consist of solid 925 silver.This means metallurgical test should indicate 92.5 % silver detail. Generally if the silver content is found to be less than this proportion, it should not be considered as genuine Tibetan 925 silver jewellery.

  • Beware of silver coated Tibetan Ornaments

    On the other hand, phony products happen to be just plated or coated with silver on the surface. So, if you notice that surface is peeling away, that is not at all good sign of pure silver. Oddly, a few dubious suppliers even promote their products to be 100 percent. This is a red flag too. 100% silver is too soft to make jewelry so they make it 92.5% for jewelry to take shape.

  • Look for 925 Stamp

    Sterling silver can vary in its hardness depending on other alloy used for molding.  However the color and shine has to be that of original silver. There should be a stamp of 925 somewhere usually at the back of the pendant or earrings.  Do not buy it if you see blemishes in shade as well as radiance

  • Price of 925 silver jewelry

    Unlike gold (whose price is calculated by carats), Price of 925 silver jewelry is primarily determined by its weight. They generally have flat rate of silver per gram. And additional cost is added up for design and hand carvings of different symbols.

  • Nickel coated jewelry could be allergic

    Some silversmiths coat the jewelry surface with Nickel to prevent muck showing up over the sterling silver. Like some folks, if you’re allergic towards Nickel, you should stay away from this sort of covered silver jewellery. Rather you can possibly opt those, which are covered using rhodium or even Lacquer.

  • Origination of Tibetan Jewelry

    As mentioned above genuine Tibetan silver jewelry are originated in Nepal six centuries ago. Even today, Newar silversmiths in Nepal are saving the age-old  skill, art and crafts by keep on learning and maintaining the tradition of making such jewelry. That’s the reason; we recommend that you pick out ‘Made in Nepal’ products for Tibetan Silver jewelry to ensure your safe, healthy, genuine and original Tibetan jewelry. You can find the genuine Tibetan silver jewelry from Nepal Here.

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