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Vajrasattva Dhyani Buddha-Priest of the Five Dhyani Buddha.

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Vajrasattva Buddha Statue
Vajrasattva Buddha Statue

Vajrasattva Buddha is one of the main deities of Vajrayana Buddhism. In Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhism it is considered as the sixth Dhyani Buddha, as the priest of the Five-Dhyani Buddhas (Pancha Buddhas). Followers or devotees worship him in a secret way. The lessons are not revealed to those who do not follow the path of Vajrayana Buddhism. In a way, it does not have easy access. One has to fulfill the norms of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Vajrasattva Buddha rupa has two forms, one is single and another is YabYum (Tibetan Form – it comes with the consort or partner). This Dhyani Buddha wears all the rich jewelry gold or silver ornaments with precious or semi precious stones carved in them , rich dresses and crown decorated again with precious metals and stones. These ornaments are typically made in Lalitpur, Nepal. Check here for Newari Tibetan Ornaments and ritual items.

Just like other other Dhyani Buddhas , Vajrasattva sits cross-legged in the meditative pose. But the difference is he carries Vajra (Dorje Tibetan term) in his right hand with palms facing upward against the chest. Bell also called Ghanta is in the left hand resting upon the left thigh.

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