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Buyer’s Guide- Where to look for best Buddha Figurines?

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Buyer’s Guide to buying a best Buddha statue for home decor and altar setup.

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Buddha images to educate Buddhist Philosophy

Buddha statues with various positions are made particularly to educate certain concept of the Buddhist philosophy. There are various types of them like Standing Buddha, sleeping Buddha, laughing Buddha, blessing Buddha, meditating Buddha, teaching Buddha etc. Different positions from the statues hold different meanings and teachings. You need to understand these postures to buy Buddha statue.

What is Buddhism in a nutshell?

Buddhism is really a philosophy according to empathy to attain enlightenment known as “Nirvana.” Buddhism explains the truth that the main of sufferings and unhappiness is our very own condition of mind and exactly how we see things. When we start and then purify our mind and soul with the aid of Vipassana Meditation, ultimately, the condition of evergreen happiness free of sorrow and discomfort known as “Nirvana” is possible.

Things to consider buying a Buddha Statue

First thing to consider to buy Buddha statue is the type of statue. Good statues of Buddha would be the handmade ones. They’re unique towards the artisans creativeness and hands work.These statues of Buddha are particularly, initially and solely produced in Nepal by specialist Newari artisans. The fine artistry and talent they acquired are descended down from their ancestors for generations. Shakyas would be the major artisans and contributors in allowing the statues of Buddha.

Best Places to buy  Buddha statues offline.

A best place to buy Buddha statue is Patan, Nepal. It is the heart of handicraft industry in Nepal. This is actually the place where the majority of the Newar artists live. Patan Durbar Square, Thamel, Basantapur Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square would be the major places and you’ll discover top quality statues of Buddha. You can buy buddha statue either in wholesale price for bulk purchases or retail price for single purchase.

You will find excellent Buddha Statues at Great discounts but additionally excellent information too on Tibetan Buddhist culture and Nepalese Buddhist culture. There are Buddha Statues available in local online retailers.  Here are few places where you can find actual Newar Manufacturers selling online.

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Interested in Buying statues in wholesale?

We can help you to get items in bulk. We have many different product lines specially Wholesale Buddha statues, singing bowls, ritual items, silver jewelry and thangka paintings.Of course for wholesale dealing MOQ is must otherwise it is not considered wholesale. Depending on products we set Minimum Order Quantity per order so that the price can be as best as possible.

For wholesale inquiries check out Wholesale Section.

How about beautiful buddha quotes?

We have collection of beautiful quotes from Buddha himself as well as other Buddhists Gurus. These quotes are carefully selected and updated regularly on this page. Check it out Buddha quotes

Want to learn how Buddha Statues are made?

Buddha statues are created with number of materials. During these stores, you’ll find different statues made from various materials like golden, antique, Oxidized, Copper, Bronze, Brass, silver, wooden, resin, very statues etc. They can also come in full or partial gold plating. Check this page for details on making of a buddha statue by lost wax method.

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