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Green Tara – Goddess of Compassion and Enlightenment

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Green tara

Symbolic Meaning of Green Tara :

Green Tara is regarded as one of the many forms of Buddhist Goddess Tara. In sanksrit, She is called “Syamatara” whereas in Tibet she is called “Grol ma ljanggu”. She is considered to represent activity of all Buddhas. It is believed that she helps people in getting rid of the earthly troubles and makes them move toward the path of enlightenment called “Nirvana”. She shows her loving expression on her face showing her maternal compassion.

According to a legend, Green Tara came in the earth in form of “Bhrikuti”. Bhrikuti was a princess of the Lichhavi dynasty of Nepal and later became the queen consort of Tibetan king.She is considered by some to be the form of goddess Tara and is known as consort of Dhyani-Buddha(Amoghasiddhi), one of the“self-born” Buddha.

Green tara represents the feminine wisdom activity in our mind and basically as goddess of the air element.Tara has many forms including peaceful and wrathful forms but whatever the form she is regarded as “Mother of all Buddhas”.It is believed by practicing the teaching of goddess Tara, we can achieve wisdom, kindness, fearlessness and good karmic achievements.

Physical Postures and Gestures:

She is shown seated in vajra position on her lotus throne while her right leg hangs down. She is also shown wearing various precious ornaments. And commonly in her hand she holds the closed blue lotus (utpala).

Each Green and White Tara, show their symbols of the closed and fully blossomed lotus, which are said to symbolize the never ending compassion of the deity who perform their duty both day and night to relieve suffering from the earthly beings. It is believed that Tara has 108 traditional forms according to Tibetan and Newari Buddhism. Banners in Tibetan monasteries generally show different Taras of color white, blue and yellow, grouped around Green Tara. We even find 21 forms of Taras displayed in different art forms like Newari and Tibetan thangka, Buddha statues and other Buddhist relics.

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