Buddha Statue-A symbol of peace and enlightenment.

Why do Buddhists honor Buddha Statue? Buddha Statue for Inspiration to meditate and grow spiritually: Buddhists do not worship Buddha statue as a god but rather take it as inspiration to practice mediation and apply teachings of  Buddhism. Buddha statue stands out being a focal point to get inspiration for meditation and even other forms…

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Benefits of Meditation-1000 reasons to meditate.

Golden Amitabha Buddha Statue

1000 Reasons why you should meditate? Here are the benefits of meditation. There is no doubt that you must have heard of meditating. It is the most trending phenomenon in the world right now. If you search Google trends for the word meditation the score is the highest you can get. There is a reason…

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Tibetan Thangka Painting- The Art of Buddhist Painting

Tibetan Thangka Painting- Buddhist Painting Asthamangala Mandala Thangka Tibetan Thangka painting is first and foremost a kind of religious painting which is also known as Pauba painting in Newari. Thangkas are the Tibetan version of ancient Buddhist scroll paintings practices since Buddha’s era in Nepal. The word Thangka itself means that which can be rolled…

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Singing Bowls- What are they? They are Tibetan Magic Bowls from The Himalayas.

Magical Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls- What are they? Singing bowls are Tibetan Magic Bowls from the Himalayan region that have been used for centuries for their healing and relaxing sound quality. Tibetan bowls are ritual objects used in the Himalayan region very popularly since ancient times. Singing bowls are renowned for their healing and relaxing sound vibration. They…

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Buddha Quotes- Buddhist Guru Rinpoche Quotes

Buddha Quotes - You will not be punished for your anger. You will be punished by your anger. - Buddha

Buddha Quotes- Buddhist Guru Rimpoche Quotes This is the collection of Buddha Quotes and Buddhist Guru Quotes. You will also find inspiring life quotes here. “Each quote a day read, understood and applied can and will transform your life for better.” – Amogh Shakya, Managing Director, Shakya Handicraft. Enjoy your read. You will not be…

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Amitabha Buddha- one of the most popular Dhyani Buddhas

Amitabha Buddha Statue for sale

Amitabha Buddha is one of the most popular and well-known Buddha. It is a member of well know Pancha Buddha or Five Dhayani Buddhas. It is also known as Amitayus. Philosophically Amitabha means boundless light and boundless happiness. It is common belief that he resides in the “sukhabatti bhavan” Land of Ultimate Bliss (also called…

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Tibetan Jewelry – How to Identify Genuine Tibetan Silver Jewelry?

Coral love knot earrings Love Knot Pendants Tibetan Jewelry Ghau Dharma wheel pendant Tibetan Om Prayer Box Lapis Prayer Boxes Things to be aware of when identifying Authentic Tibetan  Jewelry. Be Aware: When identifying authentic Tibetan jewelry you need to be cautious about Counterfeit Tibetan jewelry that are being sold by some devious merchants. A…

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Vajrasattva Dhyani Buddha-Priest of the Five Dhyani Buddha.

Vajrasattva Buddha Statue Vajrasattva Buddha is one of the main deities of Vajrayana Buddhism. In Tibetan and Nepalese Buddhism it is considered as the sixth Dhyani Buddha, as the priest of the Five-Dhyani Buddhas (Pancha Buddhas). Followers or devotees worship him in a secret way. The lessons are not revealed to those who do not…

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Tibetan Singing Bowls – Where to buy singing bowl?

Tibetan Singing bowls Best Place to buy Tibetan Singing Bowls Nepal’s town of craftsmen, Patan is with out doubt the best location to get a high quality and variety of Tibetan singing bowls. Patan’s legendary craftsmen are completely incomparable in their capability together with craftsmanship handed down from their ancestors. The  generations dates back to…

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Tibetan Thangka Art – Explore History of Thangka Paintings

Asthamangala Mandala Thangka Tibetan Thangka is  originated from Nepal’s Kathmandu valley where Newari Vajrayana Buddhist culture is practiced. Newari paubha art may be the foundation of today’s Tibetan Thangka. Various metaphysical and spiritual elements for example pictures of Boddhisattvas, pictures of Buddha, wheel of lifes, map of world, existence cycle of Buddha, etc would be…

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