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How to manage anxiety with a practice of mindfulness meditation?

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1. Diagnosing the root cause of anxiety.

Anxiety is caused by a habit of constant worrying and stressing yourself out. Anxiety has a harmful effect in our health both physically and mentally. Before talking about reducing or dealing with anxiety let’s talk about finding or knowing the root cause of anxiety. You need to diagnose your problem first before finding solution. Only after proper diagnosis we can go for the right solution. Mindfulness meditation comes into play in this exact role. You can use it to meditate and study yourself to diagnose what is your exact problem.

2. Ways to reduce stress

So combination of few things like having good sleep, sharing your problems with friends or family members, physical exercises in conjunction with mindfulness meditation will be the best way to go. Getting enough sleep – and the right kind of sleep – should be a critical focus for someone trying to overcome anxiety. Lack of sleep is the major symptom of those suffering from anxiety. . So while going to sleep at night avoid coffee and tea that contain caffeine and also beverages like beer and whisky that contains alcohol. Also removing other distractions like soap opera or movies on television will help you get sound sleep.With enough sleep and meditation you can calm yourself down, think coolly and reduce your nervousness.

3. How mindfulness meditation can help.

Meditation is a popular aged art of concentrating and looking within you. You can use it to look and study what is happening within your mind and body. What exact thoughts or imaginations bothering you. What kind of fears you dwell mostly on? Trying to observe and find the answer to this question will solve half of the problem. This is called mindfulness meditation where one practices to simply observe your thoughts and feeling without judging it.

Environment is very important to meditate. A meditation room with altar is the best place to meditate. But if you do not have such settings choose any corner of your house that is comfortable and soothing to you. Try to decorate or fill the place with meditation gifts & supplies like Buddha statues , wall decor, singing bowl or Tibetan rugs. This way spiritual environment is created which will help you focus and mediate well. Check our Buddhist Store.

4. How do you meditate

When you meditate just be in present moment. Sit comfortably the way that is suitable to you. Close your eyes and focus on breathing. Start slowly like for 2 to 3 minutes. When your body aches just think that it is temporary and do now react to it. Even the pain is not permanent and you will find the pain going away in a short while. Similarly when you feel mentally tortured with past memories or when you start worrying remembering your problems, cool down and simply observe the feelings and realize even the mental pain and worries do not last. They come and go. Key is not to get carried away in it but to be mindful and realize they are also temporary and go away. This way after much practice you will learn to become cool and calm help you much in the process of recovering from anxiety. Your mind and body both become re-energized. Check here for more details on how to meditate better.

Many believe that anxiety is related to suppressed emotions unable to get released. So the regular practice of mindfulness meditation has a calming effect that helps release some of that build-up, making meditation an excellent way to reduce anxiety.

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