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Buddha Statues

Check here for all kinds of Buddha Statues for sale like Zen Garden Statues-Golden Buddha Statue-Garden Buddha figurines for Sale- Antique Buddha for self improvement, home decor and Monasteries. You will also find big Buddha statue online in our dharma store.

Besides that as we are manufacturer ourselves, we do provide or sell customized statues. We have semi finished statues all the time in our stock which can be turned or completed as you need into fully golden Buddha statues or partially gold plated statues. Face can either be painted with 24k gold or left without painting. Our statues are made of copper initially . The casting of the statue is done with traditional lost wax method. All the work including carving and painting is done by hand by Newar artist here in Nepal.

You can alternately, even oxidized them to give antique look. So do check our store and let us know if you have any questions or queries.